Used NMR Instruments

Alegre Science, in conjunction with MR Resources offers used NMR instruments, fully reconditioned and guaranteed with installation and training included.  The following systems are available for immediate delivery. 

These systems are fully reconditioned and guaranteed to perform to factory conditions.

Contact us below for pricing.

System Accessories
Fourier 300 w/shielded magnet
1H/13C probe
Avance II 300 w/shielded magnet
Broadband Probe + Sample Changer
Avance II 400 Microbay w/shielded magnet
Broadband Probe + Sample Changer
Avance III 500 w/shielded magnet
Broadband Probe with 3 axis gradients
Avance III 500 w/shielded magnet
Solid State Observe Capability
Avance III 600, ASCEND Magnet
Cryo-probe, Sample Changer
Avance III 700, Ultrashield Magnet
Cryo-probe, Sample Jet
Avance III 950, US2 magnet
Biospec 7 T (70/30)
VNMRS 400 w/shielded magnet
Broadband Probe, Sample Changer
MR400 w/shielded magnet
Broadband Probe

Biospec 7 T (70/30) Accessories

  • Chiller
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Helium Compressor
  • Large Quadrature volume coil
  • 1H/13C Double tuned coil
  • 1H/31P Double tune coil
  • 1H Linear Volume coil
  • 1H Quadrature Volume coil
  • 1H Receive coil
  • RAT brain coil
  • 1H coil
  • Mouse brain coil
  • 1H/13C coil
  • 1H/31P coil
  • Small animal physiological monitoring system and water bath
BioSpec 7 T Image

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