Portable Lab Teaching MRI

The Portable Lab teaching device gives you the unique opportunity of offering hands on training on a real MRI instrument. The Portable Lab is the best way to provide realistic and practice-oriented training for students looking to gain understanding the operation of the instrument.

Our software solution, Teach-m, makes it easy for the users to experience all aspects of magnet resonance imaging. The ability to change experimental parameters in real time and to directly visualize the results gives users an unprecedented learning experience.

In addition to parameters accessible only through MRI, as for example relaxation times, high-resolution MR images can be produced. Image artifacts found in clinical systems can be examined directly in a simple process.

Portable Lab teaching MRI system

The system differs from other MRIs only in the sample size and the fact that it is portable. In addition to carrying out fundamental experiments on signal generation, students can generate images with all relevant contrasts in a high spatial resolution.

MRI images

Image of Soldier Bug

MRI Image of Soldier Bug, with permission from Prof. C. Abrahams, Trumans College, Chicago.

MRI image honey bee

MRI image of immature honey bee

Lemon grass image

Image of lemon grass

MRI Flow image

Velocity profile for liquid dish detergent under high shear

Sliceomatic image

MATLAB visualization tool with Portable Lab Image

  • Easily accommodated on a desk or lab bench
  • Portabable so it is easily moved and quickly up and running in virtually any location
  • PC with USB interface
  • Software for acquiring imaging and relaxation data
  • Low cost rental option available
  • Larmor frequency measurement
  • FID Experiment
  • Control of receiver gain
  • Spin Echo
  • Spatially selective pulses
  • Signal processing
  • T1 y T2 measurementes
  • Image acquisition with weighting
  • 1D profiles
  • Gradient Echo Imaging



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