SFC Automation

Robotics and dry baths by LAIX
— nothing compares

LAIX makes robust and reliable robotics and dry baths for oil analysis and Solid Fat Content (SFC) allowing for convenient SFC automation. LAIX’s suite of products allows you to fully automate drop size distribution measurements, SFC measurements, SFC calibration, oil measurements, and more. Streamline your Solid Fat Content (SFC) and oil analysis with our selection of LAIX SFC automation products, including robotics, dry baths, cooling dry blocks, and more. We also offer service plans for LAIX dry baths.

PDB4 Peltier Dry Bath for 10 mm NMR samples with 4 separate block temperatures

Dry Tempering Blocks

LAIX dry tempering blocks are robust and reliable, easy to operate, and have 4, 5 or 6 blocks which can be adjusted independently from 0 to 100 °C.

Cooling Dry Bath Electronic sample cooler down to -40 °C

Cooling to -40 °C

Cooling dry blocks can chill large numbers of samples down to -40 °C without the use of circulating liquids

SFC Automation

Completely automate your SFC measurements and add advanced features like automated calibration

ECO12 economy SFC measurement with 2 PDB6 for automated SFC measurements

ECO Automation

Completely automate your SFC measurements at a economical price point without sacrificing accuracy and precision

Droplet Size Automation

Completely automate your droplet size distribution measurements

Automate Oil/Moisture

Completely automate your SFC measurements and add advanced features like automated calibration

LAIX Automated Fat Laboratory

Fat Lab

LAIX robots can incorporate many laboratory oil measurements according
a specific customer's need


  • Highly accurate sample temperatures-
    Makes sure that results are strictest accordance with International Standard Methods like AOCS Official Method Cd 16b-93
  • Smaller, more energy efficient and quieter than water baths
  • Easy operation by 3,5″ touchscreen for highest user friendliness
  • Easy to clean, because each temperature zone can be individually switched off. The aluminum block in question can be separated from electrics by means of simple handles, cleaned and reassembled.


Model PDB1.36 PDB4 PDB5.36 PDB6
Footprint (mm)
250 x 300
150 x 530
150 x 760
150 x 760
Weight (kg)
80-250 V; 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption (W)
Average Power (W)
Temperature Range
0.0 to 100.0 ± 0.1 °C
# Positions
Orifice dimensions
10.35 x 80 mm (dia. x depth)
2 color
Multicolor display
4 keys
Touch Display

To reach lower temperatures we offer liquid cooled types (external chiller required), wich reach up to -30ºC (PDB1LC), respectively -10ºC.
The modular design of the SFC Automation system means that you can convert your LAIX Dry Baths into fully automated fat determination instruments.

  • High performance temperature controller specifically designed to work with Peltier elements to maximize their lifetime and performance.
  • Colors, language and functionality customizable.
  • Optimized heat dissipation for the use of Peltier elements provides for a low-noise operation.
  • Replacement of temperature zone without interrupting the operation of the other zones.
  • Tempering units are identical and fully compatible for all systems.

SFC- Automation Software
The process is similar to the fully automated system, but the change of the test tubes has to be done manually. This procedure has many advantages because the software manages and controls the whole process and therefore the user has less sources of error through human faults, less paper-work and an automatic data exchange with LIMS.

Medium Temperature Control
The control of the temperature is performed by the media temperature directly, not by the block temperature. Therefore one position in each temperature zone is permanently equipped with a temperature probe, wich constantly measures the temperature of the medium in the tube.

Inert gas Flow Control
The desired quantity of the flowing gas can be adjusted by the user.

Electronic Inert gas Flow Control
The desired quantity of the flowing gas is supervised by an electronic control with display. In case of deviations there will be an acoustic and optic alert.

Cooling Dry Block

Cooling Dry Bath Electronic sample cooler down to -40 °C

LAIX dry bath CDB

Ther perfect way to cool down your samples
Electrical cooling with FPSC-Cooler


  • Fast: reaches up to -40ºC in a very short time
  • Efficient: Only 80 Watt
  • Small: (CDB1-36): 250 x 300 x 430 mm (WxDxH)
  • Long lifetime without maintenance
  • Free of liquids

The parallel-direct SFC method requires preparing multiple samples for each oil blend to be measured.  When cooling the 60 °C samples to 0 °C, the CDB block is useful for cooling large numbers of samples instead of allocating one or two of the PDB blocks to the 0 °C tempering step, allowing for more measurement temps using the PDB blocks.  For example, if there are 6 measurement temperatures, the CDB block will accommodate 6, 12, or 15 sets of samples simultaneously.

More Features:


Our proven system for the fully automated SFC-Analysis Complies with international standard methods by AOCS and IUPAC

LAIX Technologies recognize that while the SFC-Analysis is very important in determining the quality of the goods that manufacturers are producing, it is also a routine and standardized task. To enable laboratory efficiency and to decrease the risk of human error, LAIX have developed an SFC automation platform to handle the processing, from raw sample to reported result. 

Enclosure for automated SFC robot with water bath and PDB6 baths

The SFC Automation seamlessly blends more than 15 years of automation experience with customer inspired ideas and proven technologies.
The result is a streamlined system that maxi­ mizes flexibility, efficiency and ease-of-use. It can also work 24/7 and eliminates operator error.

The compact modular design not only saves you laboratory space, but also allows us to take your methods and your sample throughput as a basis for designing a custom-made system that exactly meets your needs. In order to reliably avoid malfunctions, the device is equipped with a fault-free positioning system, based on a stepper motor with absolute sensor.

That means no more positioning errors, no end switches, no homing runs to wait for. The robot always “knows” its position, even in the event of a power failure or physical collisions. Besides we use a very efficient, newly developed temperature controller, which allows to reach low temperatures with little energy. Last but not least the profile system ensures a high torsional stiffness and makes the whole system very service-friendly.


Options for SFC-Automation

You still want to use a water bath in addition to our dry baths? No problem, we integrate it into our automation.The sample tubes are dried automatically with air pressure for the next step after using the water baths.

Included in the Premium Version)

The convenient solution to work always with exact temperatures. This is ensured by our newest development, which performs automatic temperature calibrations with a certified thermometer in custom defined periods. For documentation (e.g. for audits) the software produces a report for each calibration.

(Included in the Premium Version)

Save a complete work step by putting the samples directly into the heated input block,which repla­ ces a complete melting bath. Only possible if all samples have the same start temperature.

Instead of a sample tube a closed cup is put into the automation,opening and filling into the tubes is done automatically.

Sample containers provided with a barcode are scanned before filling.Then the system runs auto­ matically the predefined process of the required analysis.

Standard configurations SFC-Automation:

Feature Basic Comfort Premium
# of Temperature Blocks
12 std / 24 optional
12 std / 24 optional
# of Sample Tubes
Dimensions (cm)
120 x 80 x 100
140 x 80 x 100
140 x 80 x 100
Shatter proof housing
EZ-access input block
36 position
72 position
72 position
w/ thermal control
Condensation Protection
SFC App v2
Housing Auto-Lock
Condensation Monitor
Temperature Calibration

SFC-Automation ECO

Limited to the essentials – Unlimited in efficiency

ECO12 economy SFC measurement with 2 PDB6 for automated SFC measurements

Our Economy-version is the perfect solution to benefit from the advantages of automation even with a smaller budget. In comparison to our standard SFC-Automation it is limited to the essentials, but it offers several of its features. It has a smooth and fast running XYZ Iinear system with sensor controlled sample transport and an error free positioning system.

The robot of the ECO12 version is equipped with two PDB6 dry baths with a temperature range from -10°C up to 100°C.The ECO8 version has one heating block for temperatures from ambient up to 100°C, one cooling block for temperatures from 0ºC up to ambient and six baths with a range between 5ºC and 60°C. Of course both comply with international standard methods by AOCS and IUPAC.



  • 1 Cooling Block with 36 positions
  • 1 Heating Block with 36 positions
  • 1 PDB6 (6 baths with 18 positions each)SFC-Software SmartSpec
  • Up to 500 tubes per day
  • Max. 800 Watt
  • Size: appr. 850 x 800 x 800 ( WxDxH)


  • 2 x PDB6 (= 12 temperature zones, each with 18 positions)
  • SFC-Software SmartSpec
  • Up to 1000 tubes per day
  • Max. 800 Watt
  • Size: appr.1000 x 1000 x 800 ( WxDxH)

Droplet Size Automation

Automated Analysis of Droplet Size Distribution

Based on our ECO Automation platform, we developed a user-friendly solution for convenient, automated analysis of droplet size distribution. It is equipped with one Dry Bath from our CDB series and a reliable XYZ-sample changer. Due to its modular design it can easily be extended to other analyses like SFC.

Sample changer for automated droplet size determination

Droplet Size Automation consists of 4 Modules:


TD-NMR Analyzer

Droplet Size Automation is not bound to a specific spectrometer. We can implement your equipment or we can offer you a new one of your choice. The system that we standardly support is the Bruker minispec.

The SpecFit pulsed NMR analyzer is also supported for budget-minded customers and equivalent results.


Auto Sampler

Smooth and fast running XYZ linear system
-Fast electrical gripper

-Standard size 800x800 mm, depending on equipment

-Integration of TD-NMR Analyzer







CDB 1-100 Dry Bath

-For 10 mm tubes

-1 temperature zone with 100 positions

-Temperature range: ambient to -10ºC

-Inert gas cover







Droplet Size Software

- a new development by LAIX


-For all Windows versions (XP/Vista/7/10)






AOM - Automated Oilseed Measurement

A system for the fully automated analysis of oilseeds

AOM Automated OIlseed Measurement

For the measurement of the oil and water content in oilseeds with an NMR spectrometer. By using an NIR device, also the protein content can be analyzed.

Modular constructed, that means easy adaption to the customer’s me­thods and his sample throughput.

Two modes, one for research and one for fully automated measurements.


AOM consists of the following 5 modules

Our AOM is an open system that is not bound to a specific spectrometer.

We can implement your equipment or we can offer you a new one of your choice. The system that we standardly support is the Bruker Minispec.

Fast and precise Mettler-Balance with 0,1 mg resolution.

Smooth and fast running XYZ linear system with up to 700 mm/sec

  • Fast electrical gripper
  • Standard size 140x80x100 em (WxDxH), individually customizable
  • Operator protection by safety door, light curtain and LED stripes
  • Required energy only -200 Watt
  • Safe sample transportation controlled by sensors
  • Integration of TD-NMR Analyzer

Two sample racks with sensor detection for up to 500 samples.

A new development, easy to use and flexible
  • For Windows XP/Vista/7/10
  • Allows to run many different methods
  • Latest and user-friendly Interface, at any time you can:
-Start or stop samples
-Place or take out sample racks
-Switch between the two modes
  • Available in German and English, easy adaption into other languages
  • LIMS Interface for data import/export, also for SAP.

FatLab - Automated Fat Laboratory

Automation of most fat lab analyses

LAIX FatLab Automated Fat Laboratory

Fatlab is a customer-centric automa­tion strategy; we take into account the laboratory processes of each customer, the desired analyses and use existing analyzers and the labware specific consumables.

The system does the filling, sample prep and measurement in an integrated environment.

The core of automation is the handling of vessels and liquids.The system transports vessels of various shapes and sizes,opens and closes the lid,manages automatic vessel feeds and doses greases and solvents fully automatic using disposable pipette tips.

With an automatic gripper changer, Varilab temperature baths and flexible software our Fatlab can be adapted or expanded to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

Scan sample barcode

Place sample in rack

Completes measurements and stores results in the database

LAIX FatLab Automated Fat Laboratory


  • Opening and closing containers
  • Transport and handling of various containers
  • Filling and handling of fat, reagents and chemicals
  • Tempering
  • Weighing
  • LIMS-friendly
  • User friendly application
LAIX FatLab Automated Fat Laboratory

We can integrate the following analyses (others by request):

  • Titration: POZ, FFA, Karl Fischer, TAN, TBN
  • GC & GC/MS
  • HPLC
  • NMR
  • NIR
  • Refraction
  • Color index
  • Saponification number
  • Iodine value
  • Viscosity
  • ICP
  • FT-IR
LAIX FatLab Automated Fat Laboratory

Service Plans for LAIX Dry Baths