Research Lab Ultra

Expanded Research Range

Pure Device’s Research Lab Ultra system expands the range of materials
for imaging and relaxometry.

The Drive L console can be equipped with the DC-600 gradient amplifier and the RF-100 rf amplifier to extend the repertoire of experiments to include diffusion, short T2 measurements, SPRITE imaging of solids and more.

DC-600 Gradient Amplifier

DC-600: very high gradient strength operates in current controlled mode
  • stronger and faster gradient pulses for higher image resolution especially at short echo times – better stability and accuracy
  • For slow diffusion and flow measurements
  • Single point imaging of solids
Gradient strength:

Radio-frequency amplifier Rf-100:

  • Allows very short RF pulses(~4μs instead of 40μs for 90° pulse)
  • Improved image quality due to shorter pulses
  • Allows measurements of short T2 times
  • Used with standard 10 mm probe with fast ring down time < 4 µsec(activedamping)