Portable Lab

benchtop MRI training system

The “portable Lab” benchtop MRI teaching system comprises a control unit, magnet and PC-based teaching software.

Optimized for educational and training purposes, it is a great way to provide valuable practical experience in the fields of science and medicine.

The system differs from clinical magnetic resonance tomographs only in sample size and portability.
With hands-on training, students can perform fundamental experiments on signal generation
in addition to acquiring high resolution images with all relevant contrasts.

Drive m

control unit

Drive m, our control unit, is about the size of a shoebox and offers a complete functional MRI scanner for educational NMR and MRI experiments. Created with state of the art electronics, the control unit contains a built-in gradient and RF amplifiers.


magnet unit

The magnet includes a high-end gradient system for 2D and 3D images.
A multitude of samples with a diameter up to one centimeter can be measured with the sensitive receiver system. Since it has no special environmental requirements, the magnet can be used in any laboratory or classroom setting.

Teach m

educational software

Teach-m is designed to lead you through all aspects of magnetic resonance tomography.
From NMR basics to advanced MRI methods, the possibility to access experiments on runtime
and directly visualize the results provides an unprecedented learning experience.


Transport case