melloeX CO2 Extraction System for Botanicals

Liquid CO2 Botanical Extractor Machine

The melloeX botanical extractor harnesses the benefits of liquid CO2 to extract botanicals safely and without harmful residue

Two words best describe melloeX—gentle and natural 

A liquid CO2 botanical extraction system, the melloeX is gentle because it works at a low temperature and retains the oil’s true profile. melloeX extracts with liquid CO2, so no harsh solvents or residues remain behind in the extracted oil.  The oils can be used immediately because melloeX does not extract chlorophylls or waxes which require chemical treatment to separate the natural oil from unwanted components. The low-working temperature of this botanical oil extractor also preserves the oil’s true profile, so post-adding flavor or fragrance components is unnecessary, the oil profile in the plant is the oil profile in the extract.  The extracts produced by this liquid CO2 botanical extraction system are lightly colored because the material isn’t heated, which can cause unwanted degradation and darken the color of the extract, which may alter the flavor and fragrance. It is also a portable countertop botanical extractor.

melloeX Extraction system with features




How does melloeX work?

melloeX uses liquid CO2 for botanical oil extraction.  The diagram to the right illustrates its operating principles.  The source of CO2 is dry ice (solid CO2). CO2 doesn’t exist as a liquid at normal atmospheric pressure, it undergoes sublimation to CO2 gas, which is point 1 on the graph to the right.  Adding dry ice (solid CO2) to melloeX botanical oil extractor and closing the lid allows the CO2 gas to form and increases the pressure inside the pressure vessel.  At high pressure (800 psi or ~60 bar) CO2 is a gas (point 2).

When chilled water flows through the condenser, the CO2 gas is converted to CO2 liquid.  The CO2 liquid then permeates the plant material, dissolving the oils and actives and naturally extracts them.

Phase diagram showing the two operating points of melloeX

melloeX workflow

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