SFC Bath Support

Alegre Science offers service for all LAIX baths and the service for a single block. We also offer a service contract to extend the warranty of all SFC dry baths. The highlights of the service plan are listed here.

  • Servicing of individual blocks which fail to come to temperature
  • Service for PDB module for defects in materials or workmanship
  • 10% discount for new LAIX purchases
  • Express delivery of replacement PDB blocks and return shipping in reusable containers
  • Yearly on-site maintenance for cleaning and calibration
  • Loaner PDB unit for return to factory service in reusable containers

LAIX SFC Baths use Peltier electronic heating/cooling technology to maintain precise temperatures crucial for accurate measurements of Solid Fat Content (SFC). The SFC method requires at least two blocks at 0 °C and 60 °C and these temperatures can cause condensation to penetrate into the well where the Peltier devices reside.  Build-up of condensation can cause premature wear of the Peltier devices and require replacement.  This is in addition to the finite lifetime of the Peltier devices themselves, about 4-5 years of life in constant use.

Pricing for single PDBs start at $3,000 per year, paid in advance. Multiple unit discounts start at 4% for the 3rd unit and incrementing to 20% for the sixth unit. The 20% discount is fixed for seven or more PDBs. Service plan does not cover damage due to mishandling or failure to provide dry air to the PDB unit. The loaner PDB feature is available for site with 3 or more PDBs covered under the Service Plan.

PDB4 Peltier Dry Bath for 10 mm NMR samples with 4 separate block temperatures

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