NMR Air Compressor

The AS-1 laboratory air compressor for 60 and 90 MHz NMR instruments for sample spinning & sample eject

The AS-1 is a perfectly matched laboratory air compressor with a membrane dryer for all 60 & 90 MHz NMR instruments which require spin air for sample rotation and ejection.

The membrane drying technology dries the spinner air to a dew-point of 0 °C which allows for continuous operation under most environmental ambient conditions and more reliable spinning even in humid environments. Experimental runs of days are now possible.

The advanced pump has an electronically controlled motor and valves so the sample will spin precisely and reliably under all conditions and more reliable spinning, even in humid environments. The brushless DC motor means years of trouble free and maintenance free operation.

The compact AS-1 has a footprint of 7.5” x 11” and quietly occupies space to the side or in the rear of the magnet. The 4” x 6” console box sits atop the magnet and completely replaces the mechanical controls for spin speed and sample eject. In many cases, the mechanical controls are problematic for spinning and eject.

There is zero vibration from the AS-1 NMR air compressor, so it does not impart any artifacts in the spectra nor does it require foam padding for isolation, therefore it takes up significantly less space than compressors from the NMR manufacturer.

AS-1 Air Source

AS-1 NMR Air Compressor Features

The quietest pump for spinning and eject that is available.

Advanced Design

The AS-1 uses a high-quality laboratory air compressor (diaphragm pump) (stage 1), which is perfectly sized for the application. In fact, the pump is run very slowly so it is quiet has very little vibration. The air then passes through a micron filter for particulates and then through a water separator/filter (stage 2). At stage 3, an electronic valve directs the airflow. Normally, the system is in spinning mode, so the spinner air passes through the membrane dryer (stage 4). The eject air is not passed through the membrane dryer because ejecting the sample is usually only momentary and doesn’t have an effect on the spinning quality.

Block diagram showing critical components of AS-1 electronic air compressor for 60 and 90 MHz NMR instruments which require sample spinning and eject

What's in the box?

AS-1 Air Source
Console top box for AS-1 electronic air source for NMR
Accessories for AS-1 Electronic Air Compressor for NMR



Metro State University of Denver

The Alegre Science NMR Air Compressor has provided a quiet and reliable source of air for spinning, injecting and ejecting sample tubes from our 60MHz  NMR unit. The AS-1 makes it possible for triple the throughput of student data. Prof. Mike W, Metro State Community College, Denver, CO

Sierra College logo

I love my NMR Air Compressor! The original compressor I had with my NMR was a much louder compressor and was often unreliable. I teach first year organic chemistry at Sierra College in California and it was very frustration to have down time on the instrument, caused by students spending 10-15min trying to get their samples to spin.  The new air source is nowhere near as loud. Because my student can get their samples spinning quickly and reliably, they are able to run more samples throughout the semester. I even have time now to let them run 2D spectra (COSY, DEPT and HETCOR). I have one NMR and approximately 15 students per lab section. Prof. Mark S., Sierra College, Rocklin, CA

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