Pendant Drop and Surface Drop viewed in Droplet App

Droplet analysis for surface properties

Combining the camera and compute power of today's mobile phone means many scientific instruments relying on image capture and analysis can be substantially reduced in size. The Dropometer instrument can be used to determine surface properties such as surface tension, contact angle, sliding contact angle as well as surface free energy.

Variety of Salad Dressings

Sodium content in food

Sodium content in food is an important dietary consideration. The Turbospec e400 can quickly measure sodium content in a variety of condiments, dressings, sauces and salsas without sample preparation and in under a minute. Click for more information

Image of Soldier Bug

MRI of Small objects

Benchtop MRI can image small objects like insects. The Research Lab MRI system is an advanced MRI which can image a variety of objects.

Salt Mounds in Salt Lake

Lithium and Boron content in Brines

The Turbospec e400 can quickly measure the lithium and boron content in brines. Rapid measurement is important in the recovery and purification of these strategic elements.