PDB4 Peltier Dry Bath for 10 mm NMR samples with 4 separate block temperatures

LAIX Dry Baths & SFC Automation

Dry tempering baths for solid fat content by NMR, SFC Automation, Droplet size and oilseed automation and oil analysis automation.


Time domain benchtop NMR (TD-NMR) for a range of applications such as solid fat content in edible oils (SFC), oil and moisture content in oilseeds (sunflower, soybean) finish on fiber (FOY), xylene solubles in polypropylene.‚Äč

TD-NMR automated with robot and dry tempering baths

ECO Automation

Completely automate your SFC measurements at a economical price point without sacrificing accuracy and precision. Our proven system for the fully automated SFC-Analysis Complies with international standard methods by AOCS and IUPAC.

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