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Alegre Science provides NMR and MRI instruments for research and teaching. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) are indispensable tools in virtually every segment of science and engineering. Alegre Science provides the know-how to specify and deploy NMR and MRI assets for imaging, spectroscopy, and industrial analysis.  Alegre Science partners with new and exciting manufacturers to bring complete solutions for small and large institutions.  Solving measurement problems using cost-effective instrumentation is our specialty.

Pure Devices makes benchtop MRI and related instruments for research and teaching.  The Research Lab line of instruments use MATLAB based environment to perform data acquisition and analysis and to reduce the complexity of analyzing a variety of spectroscopic and image based data. The Portable Lab instrument is specifically for teaching.  Alegre Science is a full service value added provider and can integrate the Research Lab into other types of process control and measurement strategies.

Turbospec is a compact analyzer for determination of concentrations of elements such as sodium, lithium, and boron.  Alegre Science can develop applications requiring quantitative elemental analysis and provide method development, sampling, and preparation of formal testing protocols. The Turbospec can be immediately deployed in the food industry based on the knowledge base developed in our long history with this innovative analyzer.

melloeX is a liquid CO2 extractor for naturally extracting oils from plant materials. Liquid CO2 is the solvent of choice to effect gentle extraction of essential oils.  Because melloeX works at lower temperatures and pressures, even the most fragrant oils are retained.  Alegre Science has been a innovator this product and continues to improve the applications and operation of this unique product.

Droplet Lab is an innovative smartphone based instrument for measuring surface tension and contact angle with applications in industry and for chemical education on a cost-conscious budget.

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