Converting Anasazi NMR data to MestreNova

Importing Anasazi NMR data into MestreNova can be as simple as drag and drop into the MestreNova application.  MestreNova insists on performing zero-filling when converting the raw FID to a spectrum.  Because of digital filtering the zero-filling creates an artifact in the transformed spectrum.

This can easily be un-done as shown in the graphic below.  Under the processing tab, the user can first click on the Zero Filling and LP option.  The user is then presented with an several options, but the important conversion is to note the Original Size parameter and change the value of To Spectrum Size to match the original data size.

After clicking the OK button, the user will notice a change in the vertical scale and the distortion at the right and left edges of the spectrum disappear.

Mestrenova zero filling
Zero Filling and LP

Select Zero Filling

From the Processing Tab, select the Zero Filling option

Original Size of FID

Note Original Size

Note the original size of the FID and then select the same size in the dropdown menu to the right

Select Zero Filling equal to original size

Reset Zero Filling

Set the value of To Spectrum Size equal to the Original FID size

Result of removing zero filling by MestreNova on Anasazi NMR data