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Alegre Science provides NMR and MRI instruments for research and teaching. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) are indispensable tools in virtually every segment of science and engineering. Alegre Science provides the know-how to specify and deploy NMR and MRI assets for imaging, spectroscopy, and industrial analysis.  Alegre Science partners with leading NMR and MRI manufacturers to bring complete solutions for small and large institutions.  Solving measurement problems using cost-effective instrumentation is our specialty.

Q.One Instruments makes advanced NMR instruments from 400 to 600 MHz for routine chemical analysis for the research and development community.  Q.One’s flexible SpinStudioJ software and CANBUS based hardware platform is cost-effective platform with no sacrifice in performance for both established measurements and new experimental sequences.  The Quantum-I-Plus platform delivers unsurpassed signal to noise performance for rapidly acquiring routine multidimensional NMR experiments. The Smart Tune and Match (STM) probes have a patented method for rapid tuning to give optimal throughput without the mechanical mechanisms which can fail and require frequent service.

Pure Devices makes benchtop MRI and magnetic particle spectroscopy (MPS) instruments for research and teaching.  The Research Lab line of instruments use MATLAB based environment to perform data acquisition and analysis and to reduce the complexity of analyzing a variety of spectroscopic and image based data.

melloeX is a liquid CO2 extractor for naturally extracting oils from plant materials. Liquid CO2 is the solvent of choice to effect gentle extraction of essential oils.  Because melloeX works at lower temperatures and pressures, even the most fragrant oils are retained.

Droplet Lab is an innovative smartphone based instrument for measuring surface tension and contact angle with applications in industry and for chemical education on a cost-conscious budget.

Alegre Science provides NMR and MRI Instrumens for research and development, academic research, and teaching.

Our Brands

Alegre Science (AS) manufactures the AS-1 dry air source for 60 & 90 MHz NMR instruments for spinning and eject.

The AS-2 is a dry air purge unit for purging small volumes with air dried to a dewpoint of -10°C.

Q.One Instruments makes high field NMR instruments 400-800 MHz for spectroscopy of solids and liquids.

Pure Devices makes compact MRI consoles and magnets using MATLAB to acquire and analyze images.

AS is also a partner with MestreLab Research since 2012 providing the MestreNova Suite of laboratory information products.

melloeX is a benchtop liquid CO2 extraction system to extract up to 300 g of botanicals

Droplet Lab is an innovative smartphone based instrument for measuring surface tension and contact angle of the liquid-solid interface

Our Goal

We have the singular goal to provide software, consulting and technology which gratifies our clients. We strive to deliver products with configurations and training to ease the transition to new technology.  We constantly look to improve what we do and how we do it.