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Turbospec Logo

Turbospec, LLC

Rapid determination of Lithium, Boron, and Sodium in a compact, portable analyzer in samples as is without sample preparation and results in minutes.

Benchtop MRI

Pure Devices makes a range of benchtop NMR and benchtop MRI instruments. for research and teaching. The Research Lab is an advanced spectrometers based on the MATLAB environment.

Liquid CO2 Extraction

melloeX is a liquid CO2 extractor for naturally extracting oils from plant materials. Liquid CO2 is the solvent of choice to effect gentle extraction of essential oils.

Droplet Lab Logo

Droplet Lab

Droplet Lab is an innovative smartphone-based instrument for measuring surface tension and contact angle with applications in industry and for chemical education on a cost-conscious budget.

LAIX Dry Baths & SFC Automation

Dry tempering baths for solid fat content by NMR, SFC Automation, Droplet size and oilseed automation and oil analysis automation